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Massachusetts legislation aspires to phase out gender-based discrimination in the workplace.

You know the “employment history” section on most job applications? Of course you do. That’s where you typically wrestle with whether to lie about how much you made in past jobs in the hope of getting a fatter offer for this one. By July 2018, though, Massachusetts job seekers will become the first in the nation to be free of that ethical and strategic struggle. On Monday, Republican governor Charlie Baker signed a bipartisan bill making... Read More


“Given the imminent effective date of New York City’s Fair Chance Act, employers may be wondering what they need to do to comply with the law.  As many employers are aware, effective October 27, 2015, the Fair Chance Act amends the New York City Human Rights Law to prohibit most employers from inquiring about criminal history until after a conditional offer of employment is extended. (Some employers may fall into the exceptions of this law.) ... Read More

New Virginia Law Restricts Employer Access to Employees’ Social Media Accounts

“Add the Commonwealth of Virginia to the ever-growing list of states (now 19) that have enacted legislation to restrict an employer’s ability to seek access to current employees’ or job applicants’ social media accounts.  Signed into law by Governor Terry McAuliffe on March 23, 2015, the new legislation, H.B. 2081, will take effect on July 1, 2015.  Employers with operations in Virginia should take notice of the new restrictions, and... Read More

National Labor Relations Board and Courts Disagree about ‘Joint Employer’ Ruling

“A divide may be forming between courts and the National Labor Relations Board over the “joint employer” ruling. In a statement issued to The Daily Caller News Foundation Friday, the International Franchise Association argued, “A ruling by a federal judge this week yet again affirmed the definition of ‘joint employer’ as it relates to franchise businesses, in direct contrast to recent moves by the National Labor Relations Board to... Read More

Business Leaders and White House Clash Over Current and Upcoming Regulation

“With the White House taking a more aggressive role in setting labor standards, industry groups are beginning to fight back — lashing out at the executive branch for pursuing “a partisan agenda.” A coalition of five national industry groups — including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — filed a complaint in federal court earlier this week to block a change to the way the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) administers unionization elections.... Read More

The Health Care Mandate Kicks In THIS WEEK!

“On Thursday, the long-anticipated “employer mandate” kicks in, meaning businesses with 50 or more employees need to start offering their workers health insurance plans, if they’re not doing so already. Well, for the most part. Nothing is ever simple when it comes to health reform, especially in the group market. Employers with between 50 and 100 full-time workers may be able to postpone the mandate if they meet certain criteria. Also,... Read More

Congress Passes the “Small Business Efficiency Act”

“Legislation creating a voluntary certification program for professional employer organizations within the IRS received approval from the US Senate last night, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations announced. It passed the House two weeks ago. The legislation, the Small Business Efficiency Act, was part of a tax extenders bill passed by the Senate, according to NAPEO. “This is truly a historic moment for the PEO industry,”... Read More

Minimum Wage Policy Hits Center Stage Ahead of Elections

“Ahead of the midterm elections, some politicians – like New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie – are tired of hearing about the minimum wage as a central talking point. For others, a candidate’s stance on raising state hourly pay could be a much more important issue when it comes time to casting votes. The question of raising hourly minimum pay generally gleans support from voters across the aisle regardless of their politics,... Read More


To help prevent discrimination against unemployed Californians by employers or employment agencies only interested in hiring applicants who already have a job, newly proposed legislation in the state – California Assembly Bill No. 1450 (AB 1450) – would fine California employers and employment agencies that refuse to consider jobless applicants for job openings. Introduced by Assemblyman Michael Allen (D-Santa Rosa/San Rafael), California AB... Read More